Page One offer performance workshops suitable for schools, where children explore movement, gesture and storytelling. We encourage children to find new ways to express themselves through our inclusive and imaginative approach. We have developed a unique style of expression through gesture, which we share with the children in order for them to develop their motor skills.

Page One also run workshops in theatres. We share our way of making theatre with the children in a fun and playful setting. Theatrical lighting and sound are explored to introduce children to the workings of a theatre through play, imagination and storytelling. We often use puppetry and improvisation in these workshops too!

Workshops that are available to book currently include:

Lights Out
30 minute workshops for ages 5+

Lights Out is an immersive experience for children, where they have the opportunity to explore the magic and mischief of night time, play with the stars and meet the moon. They will discover that the dark is friendly and lights come to life! This workshop takes audiences on a playful and interactive journey, there will be games and short sections of performance. So take a leap in the dark and join us!

Beach Ball and The Bucket

Beach Ball and the Bucket is an explosive, funny and touching workshop, which brings all the elements of the beach to inner city locations. Page One Theatre will take the children to the seaside on a sensory journey of dance and puppetry, where you can leave your city life behind you and play in the sea spray and salty air.

We also can create bespoke workshops, if you require a particular theme. Please contact us, and we can discuss the options.